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Why is Trinidadian Roti Different from Indian Roti?

Roti, a staple in Indian and Trinidadian cuisine, has taken on distinct regional characteristics, reflecting their unique histories and culinary influences. How Did Roti Arrive in Trinidad? Trinidadian roti originated from Indian roti, brought to the Caribbean by Indian indentured laborers in the 19th century. Over time, the roti in Trinidad and Tobago evolved to incorporate local […]

Why Trinidadian Green Seasoning is the foundation of Trini cuisine

What is Trini Green Seasoning? Trinidadian green seasoning has roots in the island’s blend of cultural influences, including African, Indian, Spanish, and Indigenous culinary traditions. It has become a staple in Trinidadian cuisine and still holds that title. Cultural Influence The creation of green seasoning is influenced by the various cultures brought to Trinidad by […]

7 Trinidadian street foods that will make you get on a plane and visit

Trinidadian street foods offer a vibrant and diverse culinary experience that reflects the island’s rich cultural heritage. These popular snacks, such as doubles, bake and shark, and pholourie, are deeply rooted in Trinidad’s Indian, African, and Creole influences.  Trini street food is sold by road vendors and at food stalls. These dishes are not only […]