Food Insider Visits Trinciti to Try Our Famous Bake and Shark

Bake and Shark is Trinidad and Tobago’s most iconic fast-food sandwich. It was popularized as a beach food on Maracas Bay, a beach in Trinidad, by Richard’s Bake and Shark. Now, the sandwich can be found all over the dual-island nation. Trinidadian fashion blogger Kamara Williams took producer Doyinsola Oladipo to try bake and shark […]

Trinciti Video Interview With Propa Eats

When Trinciti Roti Shop and Restaurant‘s late owner Vishnu Maheepat passed away last year, his son Amit stepped in like a champion. ❤️ Today, they still serve homesick Trinis, familiar Caribbean folk and curious foreigners West Indian specialties in Queens, New York. We have so much to thank our brothers and sisters overseas for, as they give us the […]

Lazarus Lynch, author of Son of a Southern Chef, notes Trinciti as one of his favorite NYC spots in Timeout interview

As Timeout mentions, Lazarus Lynch is not from the south but a Jamaica Queen’s native. He was a raise in a Guyanese-Southern American household. In his interview, Emma Orlow asked: In your intro you talk about growing up in Southside Jamaica, Queens and going to the fish market on Jamaica Ave. Do you have any […]

Our Mention in Hoodline’s ‘The 5 best Trinidadian spots in New York City ‘

We were recently mentioned in‘s most recent post as they ranked some of the Trinidadian food around NYC. states, “[we] crunched the numbers to find the top Trinidadian spots around New York City, using both Yelp data and our own secret sauce to produce a ranked list of where to venture when cravings […]

Internationally Known Rapper Anik Khan Helps Tell The Queen’s Immigrant Story With His New Merch Release

Anik Khan - Queens, NY

We recently teamed up with Anik Khan and other local Queens businesses to create a limited run of shirts. Equire magazine covered the story, stating Here in America, Khan has taken the opportunity to tell the immigrant story through his music, and now, through his merchandise. In collaboration with designer Joshua Vanleader, he designed a […]