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Trinciti Video Interview With Propa Eats

When Trinciti Roti Shop and Restaurant‘s late owner Vishnu Maheepat passed away last year, his son Amit stepped in like a champion. ❤️ Today, they still serve homesick Trinis, familiar Caribbean folk and curious foreigners West Indian specialties in Queens, New York. We have so much to thank our brothers and sisters overseas for, as they give us the […]

Internationally Known Rapper Anik Khan Helps Tell The Queen’s Immigrant Story With His New Merch Release

Anik Khan - Queens, NY

We recently teamed up with Anik Khan and other local Queens businesses to create a limited run of shirts. Equire magazine covered the story, stating Here in America, Khan has taken the opportunity to tell the immigrant story through his music, and now, through his merchandise. In collaboration with designer Joshua Vanleader, he designed a […]